Product Review: Beautyblender

8 May


So today I am going to do a product review on a very special item: the Beautyblender! Usually, I’m the type of gal who uses her fingers to apply makeup because, well, I’m old-fashioned and I like instant gratification. But after many messy applications and way too many hand washes, I realized that I had to use a sponge. After researching online several different types of sponges, I decided to splurge on the well-known Beautyblender every girl has to try once (it’s like the Nars Orgasm blush for sponges). I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed because it had countless positive reviews and it’s pink, for God’s sake! Why wouldn’t I want it?


Anyway, my Beautyblenders (I brought two on Amazon) arrived in the mail and I followed the directions very carefully off of this Beautyblender Training video. Here’s a quick summary:

1. Place the Beautyblender under the faucet and get it wet completely, then squeeze out the water. Now place the Beautyblender inside a paper towel and squeeze it again. This makes the sponge damp so it won’t eat up the foundation and can glide on your face for a natural look.

2. Dip the Beautyblender into your foundation/concealer (can be liquid, powder, etc.). Stipple (bounce) the Beautyblender against your face so the product goes on flawlessly.

3. When finished, immediately wash the product off the sponge using soap and water and let air dry. You can also wash it with the BeautyCleanser.


When I soaked one of the Beautyblenders, it really did double in size and became softer than the other one. I was pleased that everything I’ve read about it was accurate. Here’s everything I liked about the BeautyBlender:

-It saves time: After dotting liquid foundation all over, I found that bouncing something on my face was quicker than smearing it on. With fingers, you have to be careful of missed spots and lines.

-It saves makeup: If you get it damp before you use it, it ends up saving you more product as you can cheat with a sponge.

-It looks smooth: I thought using my fingers was the best way to control how I could glide my foundation across my face, but the Beautyblender actually does it even better.

-I feel clean: Since the blender does all the work of touching the foundation, I don’t have to worry about washing foundation off from under my nails.

-It’s fun to use: Washing the Beautyblender may be one of my favorite activities. The sponge feels so soft in your hand, and feels like a mini-stress ball when you squeeze it.


Honestly, I felt like a true professional makeup artist when I used the Beautyblender. There I was, bouncing a pink egg-shaped sponge against my face, feeling like I was getting prettier by the minute. It was a very empowering feeling.

So the final verdict? I really don’t mind using my fingers and I still do when I’m in a hurry, just because I don’t have time to wash the sponge right away. Like I said, fingers are instant gratification. However, if you have time to get ready, I recommend using the Beautyblender because it really will allow for smoother application and in the long run saves makeup (while keeping the germs out of your foundation).

You can purchase the Beautyblender at their main website or on Amazon, like I did. Have fun experimenting!


3 Responses to “Product Review: Beautyblender”

  1. Must Have Boxes May 10, 2013 at 2:39 am #

    The Beauty Blender is a great tool!

    – KW

  2. Vanessa Felix May 11, 2013 at 3:53 pm #

    Hey thanks for commenting on my page! I loved reading your Beauty Blender review! I think it’s a great product, I’m almost tempted to buy it even though I have the dupe just to see if they work about the same. I think they probably do. Thanks for the review!


    • conniezhen May 11, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

      No problem! If you really want the beautyblender try Amazon, its much cheaper! 😉

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