Eyelash Stacking

4 Jul

Today is definitely a very informative post- I will teach you how to get the fake eyelash look you’ve always wanted. It’s all about picking out the right lashes and knowing which pairs to stack (yes, I mean wearing two pairs of eyelashes at once!) if you have trouble finding the right kind. So let’s get right down to it.

I personally think cat-eyes look best on any girl, as they are natural (to guys anyway) yet can still enhance your look dramatically. You see, an eye is supposed to get more dramatic from the inside to out, and you should always look for lashes that are shorter on the inside and longer on the outside. It’s simple right? Unfortunately, it’s very rare to find lashes that are shaped like this. Usually falsies are made where they are longer in the middle, or just the same length throughout. That cannot possibly look natural, and does not do much to enhance the eye. Here is an example of a cat-eye lash:


Not only do falsies have to be in the cat-eye shape, but they need volume. If the lashes are spread far apart, they won’t give you that full look, which is the whole point of fake lashes anyway.

Lastly, falsies need to be long and voluminous. Always reach for the stars and buy the longer pair, because I’ve never had a problem with lashes being too long; they’re usually too short. After awhile, you will develop an intuition where you just KNOW how the lash will look on you. Trust me. Here’s an example of perfect length, also from Forever 21’s collection:


Now onto the fun part: eyelash stacking! I have seen all types of falsies and I’m still searching for the perfect pair (it’s similar to looking for a husband). Until then, I’ll just have to wear two. So for that glamorous night look, I like to put two strips of falsies on my eyes. I recommend putting the volumed lashes on the bottom, then the lengthy ones on top. It will look better if you literally stick the first pair onto your eye, then glue the second pair on top. This way, you will know how to guide the second pair rather than putting two pairs of ready-made lashes onto your eye. Here’s the two pairs above, stacked:


So now that you know the secrets to getting the perfect pairs of lashes, get out there and start experimenting!


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