DIY: Fake Eyelash Holder

13 Jul

Has there ever been a part of your beauty routine that you disliked doing, but was so necessary? I must have my fake eyelashes, but have always HATED holding them after applying the glue and waiting for it to dry. I know you only have to wait 30 seconds or so for the glue to become “tacky”, but realistically, it takes so much longer than that! For me, it takes almost a full minute. Any girl on the go knows that a full minute is very valuable when it comes to getting ready (fast!) in the morning, so I always wished that I could somehow put the eyelash down while I worked on other parts of my face.


A couple of days ago I was holding the lash and noticed a desk clip that I’ve had for a loong time but never found any use for. I quickly grabbed it and- lo and behold- the eyelash stayed up! Now I can apply makeup or get dressed while the lash dries on the clip. Perfect huh? Now if only I can buy another similar device so I can dry both lashes at the same time. That would take multitasking to a whole other level, but I’m up for the challenge!


The lesson today is: don’t be afraid to be a little creative in your makeup routine. It will make getting ready more fun and possibly even save precious time.


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