Your Beauty Bucket List

8 Jun


So today I was looking over my list of beauty services I wanted to get and it dawned on me- I haven’t told anyone about my beauty bucket list! A beauty bucket list is exactly what it sounds like- a To-Do list of all the beauty services you would love to have. Think of all the areas you would want improvement on, or something you have been wanting to try but just haven’t gotten around to. It can be professionally whitening your teeth, getting laser hair removal, eyelash extensions (just checked that one off my list), permanent makeup, etc. The list goes on and on!

My friend and I each made our own lists, and shared it with each other. It’s nice to share your goals with someone else, as that makes them more realistic, and they can also remind you of them periodically. It also feels really good to cross off each goal, and it makes you feel like you’re one step closer to looking the way you desire. So what are you waiting for? Get out a notepad and start writing!


Product Review: Sinful Shine Nail Polish

7 Jun


So a couple of posts ago I told you guys about the new Sinful Shine collection and was excited to try it. I finally found the time to go to my local Walgreens and picked up Sinful Shine in Sailor’s Delight. I gotta have my pink!


The results? It was indeed very shiny, but nothing crazy like I had expected. I think they did such a great job with their marketing that I expected more than what they could deliver. But still, it definitely has a high shine and looked fresh for a week. It also chips off pretty well, which means it is easy to remove if you’re a nail chipper (which I am!). A quick warning: You must apply three full coats for the color to reach its maximum color potential. As for the shade Sailor’s Delight, I prefer a more pale pink and this was a little too bright for me. It looks great in pictures, but in person it’s a bit too much. However, it is still very worthy of its price, and I may try another shade when I get the chance.


Sinful Shine nail polish can be found at Walgreens for $2.99 a bottle. Happy shining!

Product Review: The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ

3 Jun


With summer coming up, I desperately wanted to get my pout sun-kissed ready. After a recent trip to Henri Bendel, I found The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ, which is the ultimate lip scrub (in my eyes at least). It comes in cute packaging (a box wrapped with a bow) and several different scents/colors. After two seconds of debating, I went with the Sparkling Pink Grapefruit (surprise, surprise). I knew anything pink would smell great!


After I unwrapped the beautiful packaging it was time for the true test. The lip scrub really did smell like grapefruit, and I could not stop sniffing it. If there was ever a scent I could smell for the rest of my life, I think this might be it. Following the simple directions, I dipped my finger into the scrub and traced circles onto my lips. It felt like I was truly cleansing my dry winter-y lips, as it felt like I was rubbing sea salt on it. I loved the texture of the scrub. After a minute of rubbing the product against my lips, they instantly felt softer and moisturized. I’m an instant gratification person, and I love products that work immediately! Totally worth the splurge. I think I may be addicted.


The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ can be found at Henri Bendel, Amazon, and many other stores for an original price of $24.


Eyelash Extensions!

2 Jun


So about a month ago I wrote about eyelash extensions and how I wanted to try them, since I’ve heard mostly good things. Well, today I finally sucked it up and went! I was very excited to try it, and the excitement overcame any first-time jitters. As a disclaimer, I would like to note that I am extremely sensitive about my eyes (I don’t like people touching them) so this is a huge step for me. But anything for beautiful eyelashes, right?

Once I stepped in, I was immediately asked what I wanted and I thought of the three most important things: curl, length, thickness. I had a choice between the J-Curl (straight) or the C-Curl (curly). I went with the C-Curl, because I wanted something more dramatic. I was given the 10s, 11s, and 12s. The 10 is for the inner eye, the 11 is for the middle, and 12 is for the outer part of the eye. I wasn’t given a choice for thickness, so that was easy.

Now onto the fun part: the service itself! I laid down on a bed and the esthetician got to work. First, she taped my lower eyelashes down, which is the hardest part of the job. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I closed my eyes immediately after, and as she started working on my top lashes I didn’t feel a thing! It’s true that you really can fall asleep during the process, as it just feels like someone is playing with your eyelashes.

After an hour and a half, I woke up with a beautiful natural curl to my lashes. To be honest, I would’ve liked them to be a bit more dramatic, but I’ve been told that extensions can’t be as dramatic as the strip lashes. But I’m very satisfied with the results, and they will last two weeks. I will definitely have updates so you will know how they held up!


Even if you think the process is costly (an average price for a first-timer can range anywhere from $100-$600), this is something every girl should try at least once. Who doesn’t want to wake up with full lashes? I think for the next two weeks I will go completely makeup-free and take advantage of waking up beautiful!

**Update: So it’s now been almost a full week (6 days) and my eyelash extensions have held up. On the second day, about two lashes fell out, and on the third three fell out. Thankfully it’s been pretty consistent everyday, with a couple lashes falling out, but it still looks fresh. I would also like to be honest and admit that I played with my lashes a couple of times, which makes them fall out faster. But even with all my touching and fussing they still look great, and nothing is poking out or annoying me. Stay tuned for Update 2!

Product Review: DUO Eyelash Adhesive

29 May



Today I want to tell you guys about the best eyelash glue that I have ever stumbled across. Well, not stumbled, since this glue is practically everywhere and used by make-up artists all around the world, but you get my drift. The DUO Eyelash Adhesive (in clear-white) is so great because:

1. It keeps my eyelashes put until I take them off. 

2. It’s waterproof.

3. It comes off easily. I literally just peel my lash strip off, and it’s like I’ve lightly glued it even though it is firmly stuck on.

4. It squeezes out in a tube so there’s so mess. Brushes annoy me because the brush starts to become unruly after some uses, and I have trouble twisting the bottle closed. 

5. They don’t make my eyes itchy before or after.

But my favorite part? A lot of lash glues don’t stay on too long, and if they do, they’re impossible to scrape off. Well, the DUO eyelash glue somehow manages to come off easily, which is great because that preserves the eyelashes for more uses. I’ve destroyed many lashes by trying to peel them off my eyes. This glue is definitely a winner!

The DUO eyelash adhesive can be found at all drugstores, Sephora, and Amazon.  

Product Review: Vaseline Vitalizing Body Gel Oil

25 May


With summer (kind of) on its way, I am desperately trying to get my legs skirt-ready, and decided to resort to drastic measures. That for me means using Vaseline, as it is very greasy and will fix any dry-skin issue. I decided to use a quick drugstore find: Vaseline’s Total Moisture Vitalizing Body Gel Oil in Cocoa Radiant. After showering, I quickly toweled off and slathered the gel oil all over my body. The results? Mixed feelings.

It did work as promised, as it was so greasy that my skin remained moisturized, but that was the problem as well. It was really greasy! It would somehow end up on my fingers even though I had washed my hands a couple times. I’m the type of person who hates sleeping in a greasy puddle, and this was a bit too oily for me. But the product worked like a charm.

Wanna try for yourself? The Vaseline Vitalizing Body Gel Oil can be found at Target for $6.50.

Sinful Shine is Here!

19 May


So remember my recent post about Sinful Colors and how amazing the polish was for the price? Well, today I was at Walgreens and spotted a sleek-looking display with shiny bottles sticking out sideways. It caught my eye so much that I had to get a close-up, as something usually has to be amazing to get my attention. Sure enough, it was. On the bottom of the display it said “Sinful Shine With Gel Tech…5X more glossy than a patent leather shoe”. I thought it was a great marketing technique to compare nail polish to a shiny shoe. The first shades that caught my eye were definitely the pink and the teal polishes, as I don’t have a teal yet. The pink looks like another great shade to add to my collection, as I’m always searching for the perfect pink. Is it the next Sally Hansen for me? I wonder. Although I didn’t see a price tag anywhere, I did some research online and I found that they were $2.99 each, which is a pretty good price for its quality. I didn’t have time to really look at all of them or make any purchases, but I am definitely going back and choosing my favorites. Hopefully I won’t damage my wallet too much!