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Attention All Fake Eyelash Lovers!

28 Jul

This is a MUST-READ for all false eyelash lovers out there, and is a huge problem that cannot be ignored. In the past I’ve posted a lot about false eyelashes and even had glue reviews but I also want to let out a huge disclaimer about lashes: the eyelash glue you’re using probably isn’t safe. In short, most glues contain formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen and causes cancer.

Upon reading this, I was surprised but it does make sense. After all, when I remove my falsies my eyes are still itchy and I spend the remainder of the day rubbing at my eyes. I guess I am allergic to the glue, as I should be. But before you start reaching for the mascara wand and good ol’ eyelash curler, keep in mind that there are organic lash glues out there that can solve this problem for us die-hard lash fans.

There aren’t many great lash glues that are formaldehyde-free on the market, but here are two approved ones that are definitely safe:

1. Georgie Beauty Winks Adhesive

Georgie Beauty Winks Adhesive is the first botanically-infused lash adhesive. It is dermatologist-tested, PETA-certified, and vegan-certified. Their formaldehyde-free glue is made from a combination of water, natural rubber latex, cellulose gum, and flower extracts. Winks Adhesive does NOT include formaldehyde, parabens, or sythetic fragrance. They also have their own lash collection, which includes plenty of different styles to choose from.

Here’s a cheat sheet of where to get Georgie Beauty products, and of course AmazonNordstrom has free shipping for those who like to shop online. The Georgie Beauty lash glue costs around $8, which is about the same price as the typical drugstore glue but is waaaaay safer.

Georgie Beauty Adhesive2

2. EcoTools

EcoTools does not have their own separate glue, but an hypo-allergenic glue comes with an existing pair of stunning lashes. Made from synthetic taklon and applied with a glue that is free of formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, and latex, EcoTools is definitely worth the low price of $5.99 for one kit. You can purchase them directly here or on Amazon.


I have yet to try either so I won’t personally comment on how great it works (I’m sure you’re also dying to know about the quality, as am I) but I am definitely going to try them out next week. Stay tuned for a future review!


***UPDATE: So my Georgie Winks Adhesive arrived in the mail and I have to say, at first I wasn’t completely thrilled with the product. The glue didn’t seem to stick very well and seemed very watery. However, I patiently tried again and let it dry for a longer time. Not only did it stay on all day, but it was also incredibly easy to peel off when removing them. I have definitely replaced my other lash glues for now with this one, and am so happy I found an easy solution!