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The Makeup Dupe List

10 May


Have you ever purchased a beauty item only to find out there was a similar product for a much cheaper price? Well, Temptalia’s Makeup Dupe List is here to make sure that never happens again! For example, the beautyblender that I mentioned a couple of days ago has a dupe called the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge, available at Target for around $10 (half the price). It really depends on your preference of what is important when purchasing knock-off beauty items. But regardless, I think this website is really helpful for those who are looking to buy a new beauty product, but want to research and explore their options first. You would never go to an exam unprepared right?

The website is pretty self explanatory, as you can sort by brand, shade, or type of makeup. There’s also a convenient search engine for those over-achievers.

Happy shopping!