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Eyelash Extensions!

2 Jun


So about a month ago I wrote about eyelash extensions and how I wanted to try them, since I’ve heard mostly good things. Well, today I finally sucked it up and went! I was very excited to try it, and the excitement overcame any first-time jitters. As a disclaimer, I would like to note that I am extremely sensitive about my eyes (I don’t like people touching them) so this is a huge step for me. But anything for beautiful eyelashes, right?

Once I stepped in, I was immediately asked what I wanted and I thought of the three most important things: curl, length, thickness. I had a choice between the J-Curl (straight) or the C-Curl (curly). I went with the C-Curl, because I wanted something more dramatic. I was given the 10s, 11s, and 12s. The 10 is for the inner eye, the 11 is for the middle, and 12 is for the outer part of the eye. I wasn’t given a choice for thickness, so that was easy.

Now onto the fun part: the service itself! I laid down on a bed and the esthetician got to work. First, she taped my lower eyelashes down, which is the hardest part of the job. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I closed my eyes immediately after, and as she started working on my top lashes I didn’t feel a thing! It’s true that you really can fall asleep during the process, as it just feels like someone is playing with your eyelashes.

After an hour and a half, I woke up with a beautiful natural curl to my lashes. To be honest, I would’ve liked them to be a bit more dramatic, but I’ve been told that extensions can’t be as dramatic as the strip lashes. But I’m very satisfied with the results, and they will last two weeks. I will definitely have updates so you will know how they held up!


Even if you think the process is costly (an average price for a first-timer can range anywhere from $100-$600), this is something every girl should try at least once. Who doesn’t want to wake up with full lashes? I think for the next two weeks I will go completely makeup-free and take advantage of waking up beautiful!

**Update: So it’s now been almost a full week (6 days) and my eyelash extensions have held up. On the second day, about two lashes fell out, and on the third three fell out. Thankfully it’s been pretty consistent everyday, with a couple lashes falling out, but it still looks fresh. I would also like to be honest and admit that I played with my lashes a couple of times, which makes them fall out faster. But even with all my touching and fussing they still look great, and nothing is poking out or annoying me. Stay tuned for Update 2!