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Product Review: Vaseline Vitalizing Body Gel Oil

25 May


With summer (kind of) on its way, I am desperately trying to get my legs skirt-ready, and decided to resort to drastic measures. That for me means using Vaseline, as it is very greasy and will fix any dry-skin issue. I decided to use a quick drugstore find: Vaseline’s Total Moisture Vitalizing Body Gel Oil in Cocoa Radiant. After showering, I quickly toweled off and slathered the gel oil all over my body. The results? Mixed feelings.

It did work as promised, as it was so greasy that my skin remained moisturized, but that was the problem as well. It was really greasy! It would somehow end up on my fingers even though I had washed my hands a couple times. I’m the type of person who hates sleeping in a greasy puddle, and this was a bit too oily for me. But the product worked like a charm.

Wanna try for yourself? The Vaseline Vitalizing Body Gel Oil can be found at Target for $6.50.