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Trend Alert: Red Lips

19 Oct

The trend of red lips can’t seem to fade away, especially not in the face of the fall season.  Nothing stands out more than a subtle red-hot pucker (done correctly, of course).  Read on for tips on how to achieve siren lips in no time!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Before you get started, choose a lip liner that matches your lip tone.  Don’t apply too much liner to your Cupid’s bow (the center of your top lip) or you could wind up looking overdone.

Now for the fun part: choose your perfect color!  Don’t be afraid to try out different hues before you settle for a favorite.  There may be one hue that perfectly matches you, or several; you’ll never know until you shop around.  If you have thin lips, steer clear of darker red shades; this can make your pout appear even smaller.  To fake fuller-looking lips, don’t be afraid to trace your liner a bit outside your natural border to fake it.  If you already have full lips, try classic red shades that will compliment lips nicely without going overboard.  Chanel’s Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color is my absolute favorite and comes in a variety of hot shades, and will give you a gorgeous finish.

Have fun experimenting!


Trend Alert: Fancy Nails

15 Oct

Gone are the days where people used one color on their nails (or if they’re feeling brave, two) and then a clear topcoat.  Now, nails have all kinds of crazy designs that can make a manicure that much more noticeable.



You can achieve similar looks with Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects – Real Nail Polish Strips, which are available at drugstores for below $10 and can last for over a week.  Just be sure to trim them so they aren’t too long and over-the-top.  A nice oval shape looks best with complicated designs, as you can see above.  Happy painting!

Lash Attack

15 Oct

One trend that will never go out of style for celebrities are fake eyelashes, which are a must on the red carpet.  If you are going for a night out and want the same effect, read on for my personal (and simple!) tips on how to achieve lush lashes:

Kim Kardashian is rarely spotted without her false lashes.

Note: Be sure to have your makeup applied beforehand, as false lashes may get in the way later.

1.  Trim the lash strip, if necessary, to fit the size of your eye.

2.  Apply glue to the lash band and let dry for about 30 seconds, or until glue is tacky.

3.  Using tweezers or your fingers, place the strip directly on your lash line.  It may help to start from the outer corners first.

4.  Once dry, apply liquid liner over lash line to hide any glue residue.  Mascara may also be added if you want a more dramatic look.

*To remove, simply dip a Q-tip into eye makeup remover solution and trace over your lash line.  Allow the solution to soak in for 5-7 seconds, then gently pull off lashes starting from the outer corner.  Wash carefully and return to box.  Lashes may be re-used for up to three weeks.


Katy Perry

Some of my favorite lashes and where to get ’em?  I personally think MAC Cosmetics makes great lashes, but if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, drugstore brands are fine too!  I really like ModLash and Ardell, they have a variety of lash shapes to choose from and the lash band is thin so they are flexible as well.  The only thing I don’t like about drugstore brands is that they don’t last as long after a couple of uses, but when you consider the price difference, it makes sense.  I have also found amazing lashes at Macy’s once (the last place I would ever look for eyelashes), and they lasted quite a long time and never lost shape.  It’s really not about where you get them, but how you put them on and and how they look on your eyes. ;]

Good luck with putting on your lashes!

My Podcast!

13 Oct

Here is my podcast!  I chose these two songs because I thought they went with my beauty blog perfectly.  Enjoy the music!

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13 Oct

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Beauty and Charms, your source for everything beauty and more!   This blog will include product reviews, tutorials, beauty trend updates, and other exciting news.  I will try my best to keep the blog as updated as possible.  Feel free to let me know how you feel about the layout or if you have other comments, suggestions, etc.;  I would love to hear from you!  That’s all for now, come back again soon. 😉

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