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Product Review: DUO Eyelash Adhesive

29 May



Today I want to tell you guys about the best eyelash glue that I have ever stumbled across. Well, not stumbled, since this glue is practically everywhere and used by make-up artists all around the world, but you get my drift. The DUO Eyelash Adhesive (in clear-white) is so great because:

1. It keeps my eyelashes put until I take them off. 

2. It’s waterproof.

3. It comes off easily. I literally just peel my lash strip off, and it’s like I’ve lightly glued it even though it is firmly stuck on.

4. It squeezes out in a tube so there’s so mess. Brushes annoy me because the brush starts to become unruly after some uses, and I have trouble twisting the bottle closed. 

5. They don’t make my eyes itchy before or after.

But my favorite part? A lot of lash glues don’t stay on too long, and if they do, they’re impossible to scrape off. Well, the DUO eyelash glue somehow manages to come off easily, which is great because that preserves the eyelashes for more uses. I’ve destroyed many lashes by trying to peel them off my eyes. This glue is definitely a winner!

The DUO eyelash adhesive can be found at all drugstores, Sephora, and Amazon.